A letter from my wife to the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

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Mr. President,

In these sad times when love for the other has dwindled in the hearts of people and self interest has become the most pervasive mode of interaction between them, I found no solution but to resort to you, so that you may take some measures to preserve the last glimpses of hope in this country where all that prevails is oppression and injustice .

He is from the country of Pharaoh, and I am from the country of Hannibal. Fate has willed it that we love each other interminably and deeply.

My love is an atheist activist who has been fighting for the rights of non-religious for more than ten years. His name is Ahmed Harkan, he is 36 years-old.

He has been repeatedly exposed to threats and physical attacks and he survived a murder attempt in 2014. The problem is that, without any prior warning, he was deprived of his most basic rights. In 2016 he was invited to Lebanon to attend a TV program, but he was surprised to find he was prohibited from traveling and then asked to return home and not to ask for the reason. He tried to travel again in 2019 for the same reason but he was treated in the same manner. Meanwhile, we met and fell in love with each other and decided to get married, so he obtained a visa for Tunisia in the hope that he would be allowed this time because the purpose was different. You cannot imagine how upset we were when he was not allowed to board the airplane and he was humiliated and abused by such a rejection despite the fact there was no official court order, that was on October 28, 2019.

Our wedding day was scheduled on November 3rd, 2019.

They deprived us of the joy we had been eagerly waiting for .. I had prepared every single thing for the wedding ceremony .. they killed everything beautiful in us ..

After days he decided to go into a hunger strike that lasted two months, during which his health worsened and he was taken to hospital, then to the police station where he faced serious threats.

You may ask me about the reason that prevents me from joining him and living with him there . I have someone under my guardianship and I will never be able to travel to him.

Mr. President,

What Ahmed has been through is an act of humiliation against a peaceful thinker who is expressing his thoughts in a civic manner while fighting extremist ideologies.

We have lost hope in our rulers and we sincerely hope that you will take care of this humanitarian situation and to take action to reunite us. I would not have dared to write this letter had I not known about your support for all just causes so please stand by us.

Ours is an issue of love before it is an issue of the right to travel. I trust that you are a firm believer in Love and for this reaso , I shall be expecting that you will support us very soon.

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